As a vast country with a tiny population and a long tradition of protecting nature and wildlife, Mongolia can be seen as a vast National Park. Principal reliance on domestic animals rather than on arable agriculture has ensured the survival of much wildlife in Mongolia. With a little luck, one can encounter a wolf or a roe deer within only an hour’s driving from the metropolitan city of Ulaanbaatar. But, wildlife would not really be wild if enclosed in corrals, behind fencing and available for patting by an unassuming visitor.

So, one needs to travel some hours to get to where we can observe genuine wildlife. It then may require walking or horseback riding to the required location and we may as well need to track and hide in order to spot the animal or bird. You will always be accompanied by an expert in local wildlife and every evening, after returning to your camp’s comforts, your guide will share greater knowledge about the various animals and birds you will have spotted that day.


In the world of depleting wildlife resources Mongolia stands up as a unique
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It is a dream trip of any birdwatcher that takes you to grassy
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