Our Story, Mission and Responsibility


Back in 2001 Mongolia had just stepped out of the communist isolation and every Mongolian had embraced dreams of bright future with enthusiasm. Traveling abroad or getting to know Westerners was the strongest magnet which initially brought us to travel industry.

Not many people then knew what tourism really was and even fewer had an idea of what foreign travelers were after. Fortunately, it didn’t take us long to realize what precious gem Mongolia was in terms of a travel destination with its unspoiled nature, authentic culture and sincere people.

Today, Mongolia Trekking has evolved as a small group of tourism professionals with inexhaustible passion for travel and belief in Mongolia’s “healing” magic in today’s world where life’s worth and peace of mind are often interpreted as physical comfort and material wealth.



Mongolia Trekking is dedicated to providing one of its kind active holidays that are carefully planned and tested to ensure your best travel experience.





Meet Your Tour Guides

Our guides are the lifeblood of Mongolian nomadic. They come from different walks of life and possess different skills but one quality they have in common is the passion for travel and their belief in tourisms’ positive effects for the country.

Their dynamic personalities, knowledge and experience will make your experience and we believe one of the reasons why the majority of our clientele comes through “word of mouth”.

Munkhbayar/ mugi/ Russian and English speaking guide

Russian and English speaking guide with a keen interest in wild animals, birds and fish.

There is no point asking him which part of Mongolia he likes the most. He just loves being out there and on the move, a need he satisfies during long off-season.

Within Mongolia travel is responsible for coordinating tours and expeditions, although he sometimes leads groups to remote part of the Gobi desert or to the Altai mountain range in far western Mongolia.


The company’s professional memberships

We are a member of the Mongolian Tourism Association that is working to ensure tourism gets the recognition it deserves as a vital contributor to the country’s economy and social health. We believe our participation is important in developing a collective voice to influence on policy and decision making.

As a company we are a member of the Mongolian Professional Tour Guides’ Association (MPTGA), the leading NGO of its kind. All of our guides get trained and verified by the association based on internationally accepted training agenda and methods with a focus on professional guiding techniques, responsible travel ethics and outdoor educations. First Aid Delivery skills are updated on a biannual base. Some of our guides act as certified trainers of the MPTGA.

Mongolian Tourism Association

Mongolian Professional Tour
Guides’ Association